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Excerpt from Marc Chagall and David Rubinger in Jerusalem Project

This project was born through a mix of luck, curiosity and destiny. Jerusalem Publishing Atelier was in the final stages of the printing and publishing of their Dead Sea Scrolls Prints project and I, Ram Glick, one of JPA’s founding members, was searching for additional information about the scrolls.
As I recalls: “Through a very lucky click of the mouse, I came across an old photo of one of my favorite Fine Art Masters, inspecting one of the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments. That Master was the Great Marc Chagall. Being an extremely curious person, I looked for the source of this photo, hoping to uncover what I indeed eventually found: a file with photos of Marc Chagall during his visits to Israel and the Holy City of Jerusalem. The majority of these very rare and mostly never seen before photos were depicting Chagall’s visits in the 1960’s and 1970’s while working on his Masterpieces for the Israeli Knesset and the Hadassah University Medical Center. I immediately approached Yair Medina, the owner and CEO of the JPA studio and my partner in the Dead Sea Scrolls Prints project, and Yair informed me that, not only were these photos what I thought they were, they were also taken by one of Yair’s oldest friends and a studio client, Israel’s legendary photographer, David Rubinger. So, here I was thinking to myself, is this destiny or what? The date was August 2014, and as an avid Chagall fan and follower having
given over 50 art history lectures about Chagall around the world, and having sold over 100 original Chagall prints over my art career, I vaguely remembered that Chagall passed away almost 30 years ago. Wasn’t the 30th anniversary of his death approaching? A quick look into his biography confirmed my recollection, as Chagall had indeed passed away on March 28, 1985.”
In memory of Marc Chagall and as a special 30 years commemoration of his passing, Jerusalem Publishing Atelier and Jerusalem Fine Art Prints are proud to publish, for the first time ever, a rare art collection based on the up-close and personal pictures of Marc Chagall, taken by Israel’s legendary photographer, David Rubinger, as he followed the Jewish master artist during his visits to Jerusalem during the 1960’s and 1970’s while working and completing his masterpiece for the Israeli Knesset.
This momentous offering will allow a fortunate few to become a part of this history, celebrating both Marc Chagall whose artwork needs no introduction, and David Rubinger whose award-winning photograph of the three paratroopers immortalized at the Western Wall in Jerusalem as the 1967 war came to an end, is instantly-recognizable. It is a remarkable opportunity to be part of history: the history of art, the personal history of two masters in their respective fields, and the long history of the Holy City of Jerusalem.