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In memory of Marc Chagall and as a special 30 years’ commemoration of his passing, Jerusalem Publishing Atelier is proud to publish, for the first time ever, a rare, authenticated and  original print collection based on the up-close and personal pictures of Marc Chagall, captured by Israel’s legendary photographer, David Rubinger, whose award-winning photograph of the three paratroopers immortalized at the Western Wall in Jerusalem as the 1967 war came to an end, is instantly recognizable , as he followed Chagall, the Jewish Master artist, during his visits to Jerusalem while working and completing his masterpiece for the Israeli Knesset. It is a remarkable opportunity to be part of history: the history of art, the personal history of two masters in their respective fields, and the long history of the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Read the full story


Meet David Rubinger


David Rubinger (born in 1924 in Vienna, Austria) is an Israeli photographer and legend in and of himself. His instantly-recognizable photo of three Israeli paratroopers after the recapture of the Western Wall in the Six-Day War has become a defining image in the history of Israel and the Jewish nation. Shimon Peres called Rubinger “the photographer of the Nation-in-the-Making”. A Time–Life’s primary photographer for the region, Rubinger was also awarded the” Israel Prize” in communications — photography, becoming the first photographer to receive the award. David is not just a legend. David is part of history, the history of the State of Israel, from its inception till today, as he captures the heart and history of the people of Israel through his eyes and camera lenses. Read more...

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